Re-Open Now.

Getting ready for Spring - We have lots of plants looking really great. 

As more varieties look good we shall put them out on sale


Half Price Fruit and Vegetables

Saturday 30th December 9am to 12am

We will be selling of all the left over fruit and vegetables at half price this day. Also anything perishable but still in date such as cheese, yogurts, cold meats.

10% off anything else in the shop.

Please remember we are then closed until

Friday January 26th 2018

This Weeks Pies

Here is the list of pies that will be available in the farm shop this week. 

Steak & Ale - Tuesday 19th December

Chicken & Taragon - Wednesday 20th December

Lamb & Mint - Thursday 21st December


Winter Closing Times

It's our last week of opening in 2017!

As of 2pm on Christmas Eve The Nursery, Farm Shop & Cafe will be closed for the winter season.

We reopen on Friday 26th January 2018.


From everyone at Great Park, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing you all in 2018. 


Christmas at Great Park

Over the Christmas period there are a number of things not to be missed at Great Park Farm.

Whether it's our large range of Christmas Trees and Wreaths, to the annual 'Candlelit Carol' evenings in the cafe, there are many things around to help you get in to the festive spirit!  

For those of you who are not familiar with us, we can take care of your entire Christmas food list. From Turkeys to Tomatoes we have got you covered with one of our handy order forms. Simply fill out a form (which can be downloaded here or picked up in the farm shop) and submit it to us by Sunday 17th December 2017. Your order will then be prepared and packed into a box, ready for the collection time of your choosing. The only thing we can't do for you is cook it! We can also take separate orders for cakes and cheeses. Our cakes are made locally by Lynn from 'Let Me Bake It', who has been selling her cakes in the shop for a number of years now and can cater for food allergies and intolerances, including gluten, lactose and diabetes. We have a wide-selection of cheeses available to order, with some particularly nice examples from the Sussex and Kent area. Be sure to ask a staff member in the kitchen for more details.

We also have a variety of Christmas Decorations and some ideal stocking fillers in our gift sections. If you're looking for something original, or just a traditional decoration for your tree or home, then cast your eye over what we have to offer! 

The Farm Shop is also packed with festive treats that are perfect for Christmas Hampers or Gift Baskets. With chocolates, biscuits, chutneys, preserves, drinks and many more. 

So come down and see for yourself what Great Park Farm has to offer this Christmas. We're open weekdays and weekends except Mondays and will be open until 2pm on Christmas Eve. 





New Christmas Trees

Come down to the nursery and see our full range of Christmas Trees! 

We currently have:

Nordman - The go-to for low drop. These trees have large, dark, emerald green two-tone needles that are soft to the touch. 

Fraser - Good needle retention coupled with an orange-like scent, these firs have soft needles and a more wispy look. 

Noble - Elegant and alternative. These trees have green upright needles with a distinct blue hue. Good needle retention. Subtle fragrance.

Norway Spruce - The traditional Victorian Christmas Tree. These specimens have dense-foliage and a strong fragrance. 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Christmas Wreaths

Our Christmas wreaths are now in production! Come down and see our beautifully handmade selection outside the farm shop. We have a wide range of ribbons and adornments, to suit everyones front door! 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Christmas Trees

That time of year has come around once again and our first wave of Christmas Trees are now in stock!

We currently have a variety of the 'low-drop' Nordman trees ranging up to a maximum of 6ft in height and many different shapes.

With stock of the stronger scented Norway Spruce arriving next week. 


Christmas Orders

The Christmas Order Sheets are now available to collect in-store or to download here. As always, there are two parts to our order sheet. The main sheet and the extras page. 

Once completed, they can be submitted to us at the Farm Shop or via email, at

Please note that the closing date for all orders is Sunday 17th December 2017.


Christmas Order Sheet 2017

Christmas Order Extras 2017


Carols by Candlelight

Come and join us for some candlelit carols in the cafe this festive season. 

Lucy Ashton will be returning to sing for us this year on the following dates:


Saturday 9th December    4pm - 5pm 

Sunday 17th December     3pm - 4pm


Local Fridays

Come down and see us every Friday from 9am to view our wide selection of locally-sourced, seasonal fruit and vegetables. 


New Season Roses

Our first wave of new season roses are now in stock!

Whether, you're looking for Climbing, Rambling, Flower Carpet, Patio, Floribunda or Hybrid Tea there is a wide range of varieties available in the nursery.

David Austin Roses coming soon. 


Paint Your Garden With Plants

Want to turn your entire garden into a canvas? We show you how to do it.

Gardens can be many things – a place to relax, enjoy good food with friends or spend time with the family.

But did you realise you can use plants to create an overall picture in your garden?

In the same way artists use different colours and textures to create an image, you can use different plants to turn your garden into a giant canvas. Tim Gowland, from Great Park Farm, shares his tips on how to paint with plants.

Make use of variety

When creating an overall picture in a garden it is important to use a mixture of textures, shapes, sizes and colour. Decide whether you want to stick to a particular palette or create a more abstract effect with clashing colours. Just as paintings will often have a focal point, think about using larger plants to create centre pieces which will draw the eye and work out from there. If you’re limited on space, introducing a plant with a distinctive leaf or petal shape can create the same effect.

Keep a sense of perspective

Perspective is key for artists when creating an image and Tim says the same applies to gardens. Consider how your garden will be viewed and how your planting scheme will lead the eye. “The garden needs perspective, the plants need to flow into each other to give the viewer a feeling of the love that the creator has put into it,” says Tim. Think year-round Gardens change throughout the seasons so it is important to think about how different plants can be used to contribute to your overall image throughout the year. “The picture will be forever changing through the season so the plants need to reflect the year and not just a season,” says Tim. “A mix of evergreen and deciduous plants, which lose their leaves in winter, give an important structure to the garden.”

Size doesn’t matter

You might think your garden is too small to get creative but careful planting can transform even the most bijou space into a masterpiece. Whether you have a small courtyard or acres to create in, the key thing is to come up with a plan taking into account the three main areas covered above – use of variety, seasonal planting and perspective. “Whatever the size of garden the same principles apply,” says Tim.

Read more at:



Seasoned hardwood logs and kindling are now available. 


Small sack - £4.25

Ton bag - £55

Pick-up load - £100

Kindling - £2.20

To place an order, please call: 01424 772531 or visit us in the farm shop.




A wide range of Pumpkins and Squashes now available at the Farm Shop.


Whitsun Bank Holiday

The Farm Shop, Nursery and Café are open on the Bank Holiday Monday.

From 10am to 4pm

We are open as normal for the rest of the week.